weight loss

10 mistakes that hinder weight loss

July 25, 2017 Ajam 0

We are already arriving in March and it is time to put into practice the promise to eliminate the extra pounds and take advantage to acquire new healthy habits. For this, it takes dedication and […]

Anxiety depression stress
Mental Health

Anxiety depression stress

July 24, 2017 Ajam 0

According to the World Health Organization, in 2020, Anxiety depression stress will be the most common diseases in the world. But today, they are already considered of the highest importance. They are the diseases that at […]

low cholesterol foods

Low cholesterol foods

July 23, 2017 Ajam 0

Cholesterol foods are mainly fats and saturated fatty acids as well as egg yolk.Dairy items like cream, butter etc. Red Meats and shellfish. On the other hand, low cholesterol foods are mainly fish, poultry, vegetables, […]

stop pimples
Health Condition

Know the foods that help to stop pimples

July 22, 2017 Ajam 0

If you have pimples, you must have tried everything to try to get rid of them. Even the craziest homemade recipes, the lemon-based (which can burn and spot the skin if exposed to the sun) […]