Eating disorders

Eating disorders: Causes & Treatment

January 25, 2017 Ajam 0

There may be a commonly held view that eating disorders are a lifestyle desire. Ingesting disorders are in reality severe and regularly deadly ailments that cause extreme disturbances to a person’s ingesting behaviors. Obsessions with […]

quit smoking

How to Quit Smoking

December 21, 2016 Ajam 0

People begins smoking while they are of their young and are addicted by the point they attain maturity. A few have attempted to give up but have again to cigarettes because smoking is the sort […]


Heart attack & symptoms

December 13, 2016 Ajam 0

Heart attack or an acute myocardial infarction occurs when a blood vessel in the heart unexpectedly will become blocked. Blood vessels carry blood and oxygen. When a blood vessel inside the coronary heart gets blocked, […]

Skin cancer

Know about Skin cancer

December 7, 2016 Ajam 0

Cancer that begins in the epidermis or Cancer that forms in the skin tissues is known as skin cancer.Skin cancer is the very familiar type of cancer. It mostly forms in skin that has been […]

how to eat healthy

How to eat healthy & Live long

November 29, 2016 Ajam 0

To eat healthy,you need to devote some time on it. Almost everyone picks the faster option for the busy schedules & ends up eating junk food containing high levels of calories. The problem with junk […]